You’re running one or more facilities– there are questions you can’t afford to answer without an expert. Now you can afford to ask professionals your questions. You need the right advice and assistance to help your facilities grow smarter and faster. However, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals can be expensive.  

We have the solution: Our agency has partnered with BizAssure™ to give you FREE UNLIMITED consulting that would typically cost your business thousands of dollars. When you join our agency to purchase your insurance policies, you can receive most of these value-added services at no additional premium.
What is BizAssure?

BizAssure is a cooperative network made up of experienced accountants, attorneys, insurance agents, and other professionals whose entire purpose is to answer your questions. Typically, business consulting services of this magnitude can cost you a significant amount of money. As a client of Care Providers, BizAssure services are at your fingertips whenever you need it...with the majority of services being free of charge!

You also have access to BizAssure seminars and training programs to help your business succeed and grow. To give you an idea of what BizAssure can do for your company, take a look at some of the services available to you:

Human Resources Services: Wage an Hour Issues, Employee Compliance, Policies, Screening, and Incentives, plus a FREE Employee Handbook Review!

Legal Services: Document or Lease Reviews, Defense Services for Lawsuits, Circumstantial Advice, and Product Liability

Claims Services: Claims Review and Fraud Investigation

Workers’ Compensation and Safety Services: Loss Prevention Assistance, Fraud, OSHA Compliance, and Illness and Injury Prevention

Accounting Services: Cash Flow Management and Purchase Advice

You don’t always have the budget and time to hire professionals who can help you with these consulting services. As a client of Care Providers,  you don’t need to hire outside professionals. BizAssure is available and waiting for you to use. Even better, many of these services can help you decrease your risk and potentially lower your insurance premiums. It’s a win-win for you!

Want to know more about BizAssure? Ready to work with our team of expert advisors to find superior insurance protection at an affordable price? Call or email us today or click the below link for more information about BizAssure .